January 22, 2024

Embracing Intention: A Photographer’s Journey Towards Meaningful Connections

This year, my chosen mantra is “intention.” I’ve made a conscious decision to embrace a more deliberate pace, selectively taking on fewer weddings. My commitment is unwavering—I aim to be 100% available for my couples, showing up for them whenever they need me. The goal is not just to be present but to bring inspiration and boundless energy to their events. Burnout is unfortunately all too common in this industry, and it’s a topic that deserves more open discussion.

Is it truly something to boast about being booked every single weekend during the so-called “busy season”? I believe in leaving space for personal growth before extending my services to clients who might not align with the space I’ve grown into. When I take on your wedding, you’re not just a number filling a jar; it’s about a thoughtful and meaningful journey, not a race to fill up quickly.

I encourage my fellow photographers to reflect: Are you charging appropriately for the value of your craft, considering it’s a significant part of your life? How are you prioritizing balance and mental health within this industry? Are you staying true to yourself, and is your commitment for the long run?

Here’s another aspect of my life that many of you may not be aware of—I’m a parent to a two-year-old son. I often encounter questions like, “Why don’t you take on more clients? What if your dream wedding comes along? Would you turn it down?” My response, especially if I’ve already filled my desired calendar for the year, is a definite yes. For me, this career is not a sprint but a marathon. While dream weddings will continue to present themselves, the fleeting moments of my son at this tender age are irreplaceable and priceless.

To couples exploring this message, the world is brimming with an array of exceptionally talented photographers. The reservoir of photographic skill is both extensive and awe-inspiring! When making your decision, the crucial factor is to ensure that your values and vibe align seamlessly with theirs. Success, in my view, isn’t solely gauged by the frequency of social media posts but rather by the quality of the work shared.

Don’t get me wrong; some photographers excel at consistently posting incredible work every single day. However, my point is that there shouldn’t be this overwhelming pressure to keep up. It doesn’t diminish your worth as a photographer or as an artist in your trade.


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