December 20, 2023

Capturing the Magic: Explore Picture-Worthy Spots in Charleston This Holiday Season

The enchanting holiday season has arrived, and there’s no better place to capture its magic than in the charming city of Charleston. Nestled in the heart of the South, this historic city is adorned with festive decorations, twinkling lights, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Join us as we embark on a visual journey through some of the most picturesque spots in Charleston, perfect for creating lasting holiday memories.

Charleston Christmas Houses Decor

1. The Dewberry: A Modern Oasis of Elegance

The holiday decorations at The Dewberry are eagerly awaited and loved by both guests and locals alike. Through a thoughtful partnership, The Living Room undergoes a yearly metamorphosis, turning into an enchanting holiday haven that captures the essence of the season.

2. The Emeline Hotel + Frannie & The Fox’s – The Den

Celebrate Christmas Eve this year at Frannie and the Fox’s favorite fare. Featuring a classic Italian American menu for the holiday, Chef Tim has put together a Feast of the 7 Fishes for Christmas Eve dinner. Grab a drink before or after at the festively decorated cocktail bar – The Den.

3. Broad and Meeting Street House: Colonial Charm and Holiday Whimsy

Wander into the enchanting district where Broad and Meeting Street House resides. This colonial-style residence, adorned with wreaths and garlands, exudes traditional Southern charm. Capture the timeless beauty of the architecture against a backdrop of cobblestone streets. The warm glow of the holiday lights enhances the historic ambiance, making it an idyllic spot to showcase the intersection of Charleston’s past and present. Searching for a fresh location to capture your holiday photos? Look no more!

4. Post House: Quintessential Lowcountry Hospitality

Venture to the outskirts of Charleston and discover the Post House, a charming inn that embodies Lowcountry hospitality. Photograph the exterior draped in festive greenery and twinkling lights, showcasing the warmth of Southern welcome. Step inside to capture the cozy interiors adorned with holiday decor, creating a visual narrative of a quintessential Southern holiday retreat. Be sure not to miss their annual Holiday market that closes off the entire street, celebrating local food, designers, and bands.

5. Charleston Place: Timeless Elegance on King Street

The iconic Charleston Place, located on the bustling King Street, offers a picturesque blend of timeless elegance and holiday splendor. Frame your shots to capture the hotel’s facade adorned with wreaths and garlands, creating a festive atmosphere in the heart of the city’s shopping district. Venture inside to photograph the lobby’s classic decor, featuring a grand staircase, master train wonderland, and opulent holiday trimmings. Charleston Place serves as a symbol of Southern sophistication, making it an ideal destination for capturing the city’s holiday spirit in a luxurious setting.

Lastly, the main attraction is to experience the uncommon sight of snow in the Holy City. Witness the snow gently falling on Market Street Circle, covering the biggest Christmas tree in Charleston with a layer of winter white. Indulge in hot cocoa and cookies as you observe the enchanting holiday scene.

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